Improved workforce, better business

Flourish understand that every organisation is unique. Each comes with its own challenges, internal balance and status of wellbeing.

We act as observer, auditor and supporter, providing you with an independent study of your wellbeing and engagement programmes and practices.

Our process identifies and assesses your workforce’s physical and mental performance.

By evaluating your data on health, engagement and wellbeing, we discover what works well and cite opportunities for improvement.

This insight helps connect your management practices with the realities that impact your staff’s ability to engage and perform.

We offer you a deeper understanding of your organisation and the people within it. From this we can develop a bespoke wellbeing and engagement strategy and a tailored implementation plan that is fact-based and need-driven.

Our holistic approach considers all facets of your organisation - your data, staff relationships, policies and practices and your business objectives, helping you grow and reconnect with your workforce.

Jane Abraham

Who is Jane Abraham?

As Flourish’s founding director, Jane thrives on helping businesses and their communities prosper.

Her vast experience distinguishes Jane as an expert, dedicated to improving business performance.

Award-winning practical delivery, research and a world-class strategic background provides Flourish Consultancy with the expertise to assist in any aspect of, health, engagement and wellbeing at work.

Document illustration

Our process and how it can help you

These infographics offer an overview of the Flourish process and its results. Our five step infographic describes the Flourish audit process and our live case study outlines the outcomes and benefits of working with us.

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